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CK Roofing Solutions offer affordable roof installations with a variety of shingle roof choices. We aim to protect your home from natural damages including heat, water corrosion, strong winds, and heavy rains.


We provide high-quality non-woven mat (fiberglass, reinforced polyester or composite) and coated top and bottom with rubber-based chemical and premium asphalt that are perfectly designed for residential and commercial buildings. Worry less with our roof installations because of its amazing damage-proof features.


Weather conditions are unpredictable and it often causes roof impairment including wind damage, moisture damage, and the most common problem, water leakage. Our expert and professional roofers are ready to lend a hand to do any roof repairs.

Gutter & Downpipe

Your roof drainage system needs high maintenance to prevent more expensive repair damages. CK Roofing Solutions offer gutter and downpipe cleaning, repairs, replacement and installations to keep your house healthy and long-lasting.


The best way of increasing the aesthetic and functional designs of your exterior home structures, install our world-class soffit features. It serves as a mold-guard, moisture resistant and preservation of materials.


Not only roofing needs, but CK Roofing Solutions also offers various services such as:

  • Animal Prevention
  • Eavestroughs Cleaning
  • Siding Installation
  • Skylights Installation
  • Tower Installation
  • Whirlybird Turbine Installation
  • Metal Vent Installation
  • Aluminum Vent Installation

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